9 steps and methods for brewing Pu'er tea

Published: Monday 23 December, 2019

Many friends are interested in Pu'er tea, but they don't know how to make it. The brewing of Pu'er tea is different from brewing green tea. It has its own brewing method. The following describes the general steps and methods of brewing Pu'er tea.
One, tea prying
Insert the tea knife from the side of the tea cake along the edge, and push upwards to pry the tea cake away.
Second, take tea
Take about 8g of the tea leaves out and put them into the tea lotus for its use.

Third, Thermostat
Use boiling water one-to-one thermostats, including lids, fair cups, and tasting cups, to raise the temperature of the tea maker to evenly heat the tea.
Pry the tea leaves into a covered bowl and prepare to fill with water.
Fourth, water injection
Brew in boiling water, pour in water at regular intervals to release the perfect tea fragrance.

Fifth, make soup

Pour the tea soup from the bowl into the fair cup.

Observe the color of the soup, the translucent tea is good tea.

Sixth, divide the soup
Pour the golden and translucent tea soup from the fair cup into the cup.
Seventh, bottom view

The bottom of the leaf is the "old bottom" of Pu'er tea (your Pu'er tea material is good, you will know when you look at the bottom of the leaf).