Can people with anemia drink tea?

Published: Thursday 02 January, 2020

Tea is a Chinese traditional drink. But folks have always said that "anemia can not drink tea." What exactly is the truth?

Judging from the current crowd survey, drinking tea does not affect iron absorption. A common reason for this statement is that tea contains a large amount of tannin. This substance will combine with iron in food to form an insoluble substance, hindering the body's absorption of iron and causing iron deficiency Anemia. Indeed, tannins do impede the absorption of iron, and this seems to make sense. But in fact, this is only theoretical reasoning, which is far from our actual life. According to current research, drinking tea does not have a great impact on the absorption of iron in our daily diet, nor does it cause anemia in the human body.

First of all, we usually don't drink a lot of tea. The tea leaves used for making a pot of tea are only a few grams, and there is less tannin that can be dissolved out. The effect on iron absorption is actually very small, and it does not cause great storms. Secondly, although tannin in tea will reduce the absorption rate of iron, our daily diet is diverse. Many foods contain iron. As long as you eat more iron-rich foods, such as eating a few lean meats There is no need to worry about iron deficiency. There are many foods that can promote the absorption of iron, such as vitamin C in vegetables and fruits. According to the current crowd survey, drinking tea will not have a great impact on the absorption of iron in the human body, nor will it cause anemia.

A study in the United Kingdom conducted a summary analysis of the absorption of tea and iron, and found that no matter what time a normal person drinks tea, the absorption and metabolism of iron will not have any effect. However, for those at high risk of iron deficiency anemia, researchers recommend that it is best to drink tea between meals and one hour after a meal. In addition, if you are really worried about anemia, you can actually eat more meat and vegetables and fruits. After all, meat is rich in iron and its absorption rate is high; and fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, which can promote iron absorption.

If you are worried about anemia caused by drinking tea, it is recommended to choose a reasonable tea time, it is best to drink tea one hour after a meal; balanced diet, pay attention to food diversity. Eating more fruits and vegetables, adding a bit of meat, supplementing heme iron and vitamin C, and increasing the total iron and absorption rate can prevent anemia.

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