Enjoy Drinking Tea

Published: Thursday 25 October, 2018

People who love to drink tea generally have the feeling that the tea is like a fresh and elegant garden in the bustling city, and it belongs to the city and has its own side. Modern people yearn for utilitarianism, heavy material, and at the same time need the peace and peace of mind, longing for dim and ease, this is difficult to achieve. And tea, no doubt provides people with such a heart of love. When we are lost in the dust, we may also "hidden into the small building into a unified system", pick up a cup of tea and enjoy a leisurely slow life.

In many cases, tea is no longer a simple drink. It represents a culture, a value orientation, expressing people's emotions and attitudes toward life. "No bitterness is not tea." Bitterness is the most basic feature of tea. Bitter taste, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, mostly has the functions of refreshing, reducing fire and detoxification. Tea can not only do this, but also make people taste pure and fragrant in bitterness, which is rare.

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