How to Avoid Tea Drunk

Published: Wednesday 26 December, 2018

1. Tea should not be too thick. If you rarely drink tea, just need 5g tea and 150mL boiling water, brewing for one minute, the concentration of tea soup is appropriate, the recipe can be adjusted according to different tea and personal taste.

2. Drinking tea should not be too much. If you do not want to drink more, just going outside and leave half cup of tea, the owner can know what you mean. After drinking 5 teas at a time, you should take a break and eat something to make the body fit adjusted. If you continue to drink tea without taking a break or eating some dessert, it is very easy to get drunk.

3. Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, when drinking tea on an empty stomach, tea will stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing discomfort such as stomach burning, acid reflux. Eat some food before drinking tea, drink tea after half an hour later, and eat some biscuits, nuts, etc. During tea drinking, which can prevent tea drunk more effectively.

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