How to Purchase Jasmine Tea:

Published: Wednesday 10 July, 2019

First, look at its shape
The most intuitive way to buy jasmine tea is to watch it. Generally, the jasmine tea selected is best taught with the tenderness of the hairy tea, and the buds are better. Take the Fujian flower tea as an example: the best one has the long and full stripe, the white parts are more than the leaves. And the second one has the one bud, two leaves or sprout, their buds are revealed. The low-grade tea leaves are mainly leaves, almost no sprout or no buds at all.

Second, smell its flavor
It is not enough to read the bar shape, to identify the best jasmine tea, we should not only focused on its good-looking, but also its flavor. A good flower tea, the aroma of the tea leaves should be thick and not rushing, fragrant and lasting.

Third, drink its soup
When you purchase tea, you should sit down and taste it. The quality of jasmine tea can be fully demonstrated by brewing. After all, its main use as a commodity is to drink. Look at the color of the soup, smell its aroma, taste it to know its quality. The one with rich aroma, soft taste and no odor is the best.

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