How to tell if tea has expired?

Published: Monday 02 December, 2019

I believe everyone is familiar with tea. Many families will prepare some, but tea also has a shelf life. So how to tell if the tea has expired? Tell, tell your family, remember it's not too late to ignore

Specific judgments we can start by classification:

Packed tea

Generally, packaged tea leaves have a shelf life printed on them. In this case, as long as the tea leaves are within the stated shelf life and stored properly, they can be safely consumed.

Unpackaged tea

Unpackaged tea leaves, including loose tea leaves and homemade tea leaves.

1. As for the tea in the new tea stage, since the production has just been completed, the dry tea is more complete and the color is more vivid. Expired tea will be dark and dull.

2. The aroma of fresh tea is relatively fresh and natural, with obvious floral, fruity and other types of characteristics, while expired tea is prone to rot, mold and other odors, which is difficult to smell. .

3. The brewed fresh tea leaves and tea soup are fuller, have a certain degree of freshness, and are more comfortable to drink. After brewing, due to the oxidized substances, the expired tea leaves have a light taste and obvious water taste.

If you already have expired tea on hand, is it the only way to discard it? It is better to choose the following ways to turn waste into treasure!

How does tea expire become treasure?


Dry tea has strong water absorption. Pour expired tea into a container and place it in a damp place such as a refrigerator or a drawer. The dehumidification effect is very good, and it can also emit a faint tea fragrance, and it also has deodorization. Effect.


The brewed tea can promote plant growth, and the leaves that grow out are more green and shiny. You can soak expired tea leaves with water and pour them into flower pots, which is a very good fertilizer.


If there are more expired tea leaves, then you can consider using them as pillow fillings. Whether it is making pillows or sachets, it can bring soothing and soothing effects.