Tea Fighting Activity

Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2018

Tea Fighting began in the Tang Dynasty and was created in Jianzhou Tea Town, which is famous for producing tribute tea. It is a competition activity of tea farmers after the new tea is made. There are more than skill, fighting and winning features. The victory and defeat of a cup of tea is like the football game today, and it is of concern to the audience. Therefore, Tang called "the battle of tea" and Song called "tea fighting."
The standard that determines the victory and defeat of tea is the soup color. The standard of great tea is the pure white color. The pure white color, indicating that the tea is fresh and tender, and the steaming is just right; the green color indicates that the steam is not enough; the gray color indicates that it is too old when steaming; the yellow color indicates the harvest is not timely; the red color indicates that the fire was over when baking.
The second is soup bubble. It refers to the foam that rises from the noodle soup. There are two criteria for determining the pros and cons of the soup: the first is the color of the soup. Because the color of the soup is closely related to the bubble, the color of the soup is also fresh white; the second is the appearance time of bubble, the late one is the winner.

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