The Advantage of Drinking Cold Tea

Published: Wednesday 07 November, 2018

1. When immersed in normal temperature or cold water at low temperature for a long time, the theophylline (tannic acid) and caffeine which cause bitterness in tea will not be released, and the sweet amino acid molecules in tea will be easily dissolved. The tea from the cold water is sweeter and less bitter.
2. Drinking low caffeine tea, can reduce the burden on the stomach wall, reduce the trouble of people with poor stomach function.
3. When using low-temperature cold foam, the caffeine in tea is not easy to dissolve, so it is less likely to affect sleep.
4. Tea contains tea polyphenols, cellulose, vitamins and various minerals and other beneficial ingredients for the human body, high temperature heat foam, easy to destroy the cellulose, vitamins, while low temperature cold bubbles can retain the essence of tea.

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