The Wrong Way to Drink Tea

Published: Wednesday 11 December, 2019

1.Drink Tea Before Bedtime
Drinking tea before bedtime not only affects sleep, it can also damage your kidneys. Because theophylline in tea can stimulate the spirit, especially the freshly picked green tea, the nerves are easily excited after drinking, causing insomnia. And tea has a diuretic effect, which can promote kidney urination and increase the burden on the kidney. Drinking tea before going to bed is also prone to frequent urination at night. Therefore, the elderly people with poor sleeping conditions and people with weak health, it is advisable to drink less or not drink tea within 2 hours before going to bed.

2.Drink tea on an Empty Stomach
Many middle-aged people drink a cup of tea when they wake up in the morning, thinking that this can achieve a good refreshing effect, which is actually a very unhealthy habit. As the saying goes, drinking tea on an empty stomach is troubling. Although a large amount of caffeine in tea can stimulate and inspire the human body, it can also cause some people to have symptoms of hyperactivity, such as causing panic, dizziness, and weakness in hands and feet. Urinate quickly and damage kidney function. So before drinking tea in the morning, be sure to drink a glass of boiling water or eat something.

3.Drink Too Strong Tea
Many people are craving strong tea for different feelings. In fact, drinking strong tea often leads to physical illness. Drinking strong tea will cause high oxalate urine, and calcium oxalate stones are easily formed in the urinary tract, which will cause kidney stones. Drinking strong tea will cause people with cardiovascular disease to experience faster heartbeat and irregular heartbeat. Theophylline in strong tea will make the kidney urinate frequently, which will increase the burden on the kidney and hurt the kidney. Therefore, drink tea as little as possible.

4.Drink Tea When Drunk
Solemnly remind everyone that drinking tea after drinking cannot be sober! And drinking tea while drinking can hurt the kidneys. Because people drink alcohol, after the alcohol in the wine enters the liver, it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the action of enzymes and excreted by the kidneys. And acetaldehyde has a great damaging effect on the kidney, but the theophylline contained in tea can quickly exert a diuretic effect, allowing undecomposed acetaldehyde to enter the kidney prematurely, and endangering kidney health. For the elderly with poor heart and kidney function, drinking strong tea after drinking will increase the burden on the heart.

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